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I don't write much. Not sure why. I haven't been accomplishing much… - A dream is a wish your heart makes~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lauren Apri

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[Sep. 19th, 2008|08:18 pm]
Lauren Apri
I don't write much. Not sure why. I haven't been accomplishing much of anything lately, but I guess that's okay for now. I guess I have nothing to say. I feel like writing but I'm really irritable tonight, for the first time all week, and writing while irritable probably is no good. I'll just get all angsty.

I will say though, this is something I hate: when you start to feel like crap during the duration of someone else's battle and you really aren't allowed to complain because what they are going through is so significant and any reason you can possibly find for your struggle is lame relatively speaking.

Something else I hate: trying to plan and be effective ahead of time, but having nobody listen to you and everyone get irritated... only to go about whatever they think is most important and run into a waste-of-time and/or oh-hey-shoulda-thought-of-that-before.

Something I need to learn: Keep my mouth shut. It's not that hard. Let people do things that aren't the smartest, why is it my problem... let people have miscommunications, who said it was my place to try to clarify them... let people fight, it isn't my fight.

OK so anyway moving on to the one and only thing anybody who would actually take the time to read this might actually care about: Mom is doing fine. Her surgery lasted for 10 hours and was very extensive... they replaced her entire aeortic root (the 3 cusps/sinuses) and the ascending aeorta to the subclavian branches. Her surgeon is brilliant though... since her 10 hour surgery Wednesday he spent another 18 hours on two surgeries yesterday and did one this morning. All successful. If I end up with this aneurysm he better not be retired yet. We like him too, he's funny. Anyway, so now she's just on the road to recovery - detailed account at www.caringbridge.org/visit/caracohen. She is on solid foods and can stand and get into a chair from bed. Many of the numerous tubes and needles have been removed, though several remain, and she is supposed to move out of ICU today. She is progressing normally without complication thus far... but that doesn't mean much. It'll be a long battle. I come home from Stanford on Monday to move in to my new SB apartment on Tuesday... not that I'll be spending much time there. Alright, we're moving, so that's it for now.

Love to friends. Talk to y'all soon. I have my phone on me but returning calls isn't my best so texts are better. Miss y'all.